Smart Replica is a new take on heritage preservation. It takes an object from the museum and puts it back into everyday life as a new product, continuing its history. Using augmented reality, the piece's entire backstory is packaged along with it. Smart Replica takes our heritage from the depot back into our living room. 



Museums are our collective heritage storehouses. However, in a museum you can see but no longer use the pieces stored there. They're frozen in time, now disfunctional. Maaike Roozenburg developed Smart Replicas as a new way to revive these objects, restarting their history and sharing their story.


To make the replicas perfect in every imperfection, the original piece was 3D scanned and turned into a digital model. Using a 3D printed mould, the replicas were then produced with techniques that haven't changed all that much since the original object was created 400 years ago. 



With the original package as a marker, the Smart Replica app brings the object's stories to life in Augmented Reality. Covering four hundred years of history, the app also includes all historical sources.